Promoting Inclusive Community Dialogue in Kibera

Politics play a key role in the lives of citizens in safeguarding social, economic and environmental rights. The marginalized are the most affected due to poor and divisive politics that neither recognizes nor prioritizes their issues. Also, the reality that most people in leadership are out of touch with the hardships faced by residents in […]

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Super STD: Kenyans online become ‘Doctors’

After the Star newspaper’s striking headline recently, featuring Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) findings, “A Super Gonorrhea Strikes Nairobians”, there has been mixed reactions. Kenyans on twitter embarked on a campaign under the hashtag “soko ni chafu”, a Swahili word implying the market is filthy, to warn Nairobi residents of the deadly strain. This strand […]

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Disinformation: A Barrier to Women Representation

Female representation in parliament in Kenya has been on a gradual increase over the past ten years. The recent polls saw 29 women elected to the National Assembly compared to 23 in the previous election bringing the number of women representatives in the National assembly to 82, inclusive of the 47 special women seats, and […]

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