Civic and Democratic Space in Kenya is Obstructed- CSOs

By Civic Space Africa

NAIROBI, 14 JULY, 2022

The civil society organizations (CSOs), operating under the Civic Freedoms Forum, have expressed concern at the sad state of the civic and democratic space in Kenya. More than 10 civil society members say the civic and democratic space in Kenya is obstructed. In a statement issued at the close of the Civic Space Protection Summit held at the All Africa Conference of Churches in Nairobi, the CSOs called for the safeguarding of public order noting that the police in Kenya continue to use “unnecessary or disproportionate force as well as harassment to discourage, prevent or disperse protest”.

The forum also called for the protection of the digital space, access to information by the media, safety and protection of human rights actors, among others. They said the government should abolish the mandatory notification of protest so as to create a safe and enabling environment for people to exercise the right and to protest during and after the election period.

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