Media, CSOs asked to Work more Closely

By Civic Space Africa

The European Union Ambassador to Kenya, Ms Henriette Geiger, calls for a close cooperation between Civil Society and Media in addressing critical election issues. She noted that the two institutions greatly influence and empower the citizens. Ms Geiger made the remarks when she addressed participants at a two-day workshop for Media and Civil Society groups that convened under the coordination of the Kenya Correspondence Association (KCA).

Calling for the closing of the gap between Civil Society and the Media, Amb. Geiger said empowering the two institutions, especially during this pre-election period, will help them monitor elections. She said Covid-19 has adversely affected the media globally, even as the industry was still struggling with the pressure and competition from social media. She asked the media to help in voter education and especially to address the apparent voter registration apathy because the “citizens feel empowered through you”.

Ms Geiger emphasized that the international community was not out to interfere with Kenyan elections, but rather to contribute to the realization of a free, fair and peaceful elections. “When there’s no peace we all lose- both Kenya and the international community”. She revealed that the EU is supporting Kenyan elections with 5M Euros through UNDP.

Thanking Amb. Geiger for the gracing the occasion with profound and timely observations, the KCA Chairman, Mr. William Oloo Janak, assured EU Ambassador and other stakeholders that KCA, with the support of partners, will continue training journalists to report objectively so as to curb the rising cases of misinformation.  

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