NECSA-K has Questions for Candidates

By Civic Space Africa

Nairobi, 18th July, 2022

The National Environment Civil Society Alliance of Kenya (NECSA-K) has drafted questions for the candidates to respond to during the coming Presidential Debate. The questions, which cover five areas on good governance, management and sustainability of natural resources, were sent to the Media Council of Kenya.

The questions are on agriculture, wildlife, forests, water resources and climate change. The questions, each of which is preceded by some brief background and setting, asks, if elected president:

  1.  What measures will your government put in place to improve agriculture
  2. What measures will your government institute to ensure that wildlife, as a national heritage, is protected and allowed to thrive?
  3. What measures will your government put in place to ensure that forests are protected and are allowed to perform their key functions for the benefit of the whole country?
  4. Where is your government going to get the water that you are promising people?
  5. What measures will you put in place to reduce the impact of climate change on Kenya’s people and their livestock.

NECSA-K is an alliance of a number of networks and individual CSOs. The alliance acts as a civil society platform for the membership to articulate and advocate for issues on the environment and natural resource management in Kenya.

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