Set Poll Quit Date-ELOG

By Civic Space Africa

ELOG new Chairperson Ms. Anne Ireri

The Elections Observation Group (ELOG), a constellation of election experts, has called for the setting of timelines for candidates wishing to withdraw from a race to avoid wastage of public resources and voter apathy. In a preliminary report on the March 18th, 2021 Machakos Senatorial By-election, ELOG notes that the MCC-P candidate, Mr. John Mutua Katuku, announced that he was stepping down from the race only two days to the polling day and when the electoral body, the IEBC, had printed the ballot papers.

ELOG deployed more than 40 observers and some supervisors who had standardized data collection tools on the setup and opening of the polling stations, voting process, closing and counting of votes, tallying and announcement of results. Although the statement largely commends the IEBC for holding a credible election, it also for improvements in the use of technology.

The statement, which was signed the steering committee Chairperson, Ms. Regina Opndo, and the ELOG secretariat’s national coordinator, Mr. Mulle Musau, calls on all “electoral actors, especially the IEBC and political parties, to take practical steps towards electoral reforms needed for the realization of credible, peaceful, free and fair electoral processes in Kenya’’.

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