Uganda Government Called on to Respect Human Rights & Restore Peace

By Civic Space Africa

A number of institutions concerned with human rights, democracy and social justice have strongly condemned the curtailing of freedom and crimes against humanity by Ugandan government as the country goes for the General Elections. Fourteen African organizations on security and human rights, CBOs, grass-roots movements, women associations, youth networks, social justice centers, marginalized groups and civil society organizations (CSOs) say they “are disheartened, very concerned and utterly disturbed by the outright disregard of the human rights, rule of law, democracy, justice and freedom in Uganda and freedom in Uganda orchestrated by the government and its machinery including orchestrated by the government and its machinery including the police and military.

In a joint statement, they called on the international community to intervene. They also demanded for the immediate release of all political prisoners and the restoration of peace and security among other interventions.

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